Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Chalkabration!

A Chalk-ku for Eastern Colorado

uncommonly cool...
gentle rain sprinkling down...
not ever enough...

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2013

2:30 PM and still only 76 degrees.

Only enough rain to get the street wet; not enough to make it through the trees and get the whole driveway wet.

Average YEARLY precipitation in Burlington, Colorado is 16.5 inches. They put the d-r-y in arid out here.

Betsy's hosting the monthly Chalkabration at Teaching Young Writers. Go check out the chalking others have done today!


  1. Oh Mary Lee, 76 degrees sounds like heaven to me. Here in South Louisiana, we are having record highs. The rain is always welcome to cool the air, but it helps the grass grow so we must mow once a week now. Happy Summer!

  2. It's heavenly today, isn't it? I just got my air conditioning working in my new home! Perhaps that's what brought on the 'cool' front! Nice chalkery! Although my daughter (by the zoo) has had rain, I still have not, over nearer to the Botanic Gardens!

  3. It sounds like the weather we are having in Michigan! Each day the weatherman says it might rain and we only get a few sprinkles. I'm not complaining though...we had plenty before summer started. Love your chalk work!

  4. Your chalku is as gentle as the sprinkling. Lovely. Thank you for joining in the chalkabration and always supporting the chalk fun.

  5. Love this, would also love gentle rain - we've had torrential rain, which is bringing down lovely old trees everywhere.


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