Sunday, August 04, 2013

July Mosaic

July flew by out the windows of an airplane and various cars: Colorado (photos 1-9), Kansas (10-11), Illinois (12), Maryland (15-20), and the Hocking Hills in S. OH (21-29). Brief glimpses of home can be seen in 13 (cat-in-the-box), 14 (107 point final word winning move WWF), 30 (baby eggplant in the school's plot of our community garden).

Click to view the set a bit larger, or go over to Flickr to check them out.


  1. Always enjoy looking back visually on your month in review. I was considering asking you if you wanted to play WWF with me but 107 final points not so sure now. Love #21-29. Thanks for the memories.

    1. I'll play WWF with you! That 107 was a first-ever three-digit word. It may never happen again -- that's why I took a picture!!


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