Monday, August 25, 2014

Math Monday!

It's Math Monday!  Join Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for the Math Monday link up!

The first few days of math are always so interesting as I listen into conversations.  On the third day of school, we used our math time to do a "Numbers About Me" project.  I've seen this often on Pinterest and blogs and wanted to make sure we started the year thinking about math in our world.  It was an interesting conversation as their eyes lit up each time they realized the things in their lives that involved numbers.  They were simple things but making the connection to math made for a good conversation. We combined this with self-portrait work and the kids had a great time creating themselves with their Numbers About Me information.

*Please note that the 3rd boy in the top row made himself wearing an "I Love Mrs. Sibberson" shirt. Hysterical.  Gotta love 3rd grade :-)

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  1. Thanks for joining Math Monday with me! I'm so happy you started early on showing your students numbers are in their lives. It's like showing readers letters and words in environmental print. This will make numbers more relevant and you can expand on it later in the year as they learn new concepts.


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