Sunday, October 19, 2014

Digital Literacy K-8: Empowering Our Students

Saturday, I had the opportunity to work with Ruth Ayres, Bill Bass and Colby Sharp in Indiana. We worked with 50ish Indiana teachers through the All Write consortium and learned together about digital literacy.  I loved Saturday. The teachers were incredible and the conversations at each table that I joined pushed me to think about things I haven't thought of before when it comes to digital literacy.

I left with lots of new thinking. How can you work with Ruth, Bill and Colby and not come away with new thing to think about. Each of these 3 people grounds me in different ways.  We each bring something different to the conversation around digital literacy and that alone is worth it.  Ruth continues to remind us that staying true to our core beliefs matters.  Colby reminds us that kids' voices are the most powerful voices there are.  And Bill's belief that technology can change classrooms to empower all children reminds us that we can't take our time with this.  The most powerful thinking happens when different voices come together.  I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from and with these 3 amazing people on a regular basis.  

We created a Weebly site so participants had all of the resources at their fingertips. The site grew and evolved as the day went on.  Such fun to update a site as new things came up in conversation.  You can find the site: Digital Literacy K-8.    Some of it might make no sense to you but there are pages that I love (Colby's iPad screen is one of them:-). There are pages that give me things to follow up with--things I didn't have time to explore Saturday. And there are slides and quotes that reground me, remind me why digital literacy matters.

People always ask me how and why I sometimes spend Saturdays working. And some days I wonder that myself. But then I have a day like yesterday--and I think "How could I not?" When else would I have the chance to be inspired?  Learning with amazing teachers,  laughing with friends, learning myself. What could be better?


  1. Wish I could've been there. Working on a Saturday is fun when you are passionate about that work as all four of you are. You inspire me and many others to continue to work toward excellence. Thanks for linking up for DigiLit Sunday. I am keeping the faith for this link up. Some weeks it's only one or two, but someday it may catch on. With people like you helping me hang in there.

    1. I finally had time and energy on a Sunday to participate! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Franki,
    I've been thinking about your words about staying grounded and true for the work. Thank you for tugging the common thread you noticed in each of us. It was a powerful day both professionally and personally.

  3. I love Saturdays like the one you described. I'm looking forward to looking through your resources and pushing my thinking forward.

  4. Thank you for sharing the weekly for those of us who couldn't be there. I also loved reading how the four of you fit together to share a common message and learn from each other. We are all pieces to a puzzle.


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