Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Don't Like Snakes by Nicole Davies

I don't remember where I heard about the book I Don't Like Snakes but I am always looking for good nonfiction and I pretty much buy anything and everything written by Nicola Davies.  Thank you to whoever it was that posted about this book because I am so happy I discovered it!

A little girl is part of a family who has snakes. Everyone in her family LOVES snakes but she does not like them. At all.  She has lots of reasons for not liking snakes--they slither, their skin is slimy and scaly, they have flicky tongue, and more.  There are so many reasons not to like snakes!

But on each 2 page spread, the little girl is spending time with her family, letting them know why she doesn't like snakes. They start to explain to her why the things she doesn't like, are actually pretty cool things.  The right side of each spread is more informational and takes the reader outside of the story to learn more about the characteristic that the family is explaining.

Predictably, the little girl decides that she "really, really, reeeeealllly" likes snakes by the end of the book and readers may do the same. I love the way this is written and the way that the information is embedded in a story.  It is a book that will answer lots of kids' wonders about snakes.  The illustrations by Luciano Lozano are quite fun and will draw readers in who may not typically read books about snakes.  A great combination of story, information, and art.

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