Thursday, November 24, 2016

Poetry Friday -- #haikuforhealing

An unsolicited email showed up in my inbox. Rather than spam, it seemed like a message from the universe. Here are the big ideas:

5 Insights for Recording Artists, Performers, and Creatives 

1. Make Art for Social Change

2. Channel Your Pain into Art

3. If You See It, Say It, Sing It, or Sculpt It...

4. Be Visible

5. Collaborate

In a seemingly unrelated email, Carol Wilcox asked if I was planning to write a haiku a day in December again this year. 

My creative spirit, who has been sitting out on the porch with her head between her knees for the last couple of weeks, looked up and nodded. Yes, that seems right, she said. A response to the news of the day, shared in the concise metaphorical form of the haiku. 


Perhaps a month of haiku won't heal the world, but it may begin the process of healing my spirit. Join in if you'd like.

image via Unsplash

waning moon
darker nights ahead
light the lanterns

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016

Carol has the Poetry Friday Roundup this week at Carol's Corner.


  1. Excellent start, Mary Lee! I can't promise anything, since right now, I'm pretty much drained. We'll see what the near future brings--like vote audits and protests and that kind of stuff. I'm rather mercurial.

  2. Dear God, yes. LIGHT THE LANTERN.
    Stand out in a field with a torch.
    Hold the line.
    Carry the light.

  3. Mary Lee, if the lanterns are lit, will the journey be a clearer one? Let's have hope shed light on our path. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Your beginning makes me smile, as it will others I imagine.
    I find light
    among the shadows
    pushing through

  5. Thanks for sharing, Mary Lee - all light welcome. And on this side of the solstice, let's hold out hope for more light to come, even in the current dark.

  6. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I love this, Mary Lee, and the image of your creative spirit. Mine has been right there with yours. How funny that the moon and haiku inspired them both to get back to work. Thank you for being a beacon in the dark!

  7. Wonderful haiku. I wrote a haiku this week, too. I like the idea of writing a haiku everyday in December, but I wonder if I can swing it. December is crazy-busy around my house. I'll think it over.

  8. YES. A little action each day. Words are powerful.

    gathering light
    around the long table
    let's take this outside

  9. I grieve, head in hands
    know i must light a candle
    show children the path

    Thanks, as always, for spreading light into the world. I need to write for my boys, for my sweet granddaughter Esveidy, and for the kids I teach.

  10. Ooh, I am looking forward to the light you'll be bringing the world this December, Mary Lee! Thanks for being a lantern. xo

  11. Welcome back, creative spirit!

  12. You're ON kiddo. I can do a haiku a day. What a wonderful way to not only celebrate December but to respond to our world with beauty and inspiration. I gladly join your creative spirit....and am so glad to know that it's coming back to life. Mine too. We will be lighting lanterns all over the place.

  13. Lovely haiku; lovely moon.

  14. I know I've said this before, but I really am going to try to join in this time. Lighting my lantern! A haiku a day seems like a great way to help my Muse feel safe again. And BTW, thanks also for your beautiful haiku in response to this month's DMC challenge. I'm floating right there with you.

  15. Beautiful. Poetry has strength, and words have power.

  16. Oh, your words bring joy to my dark corner. I'll be reading. Michelle's comment reminded me that I wanted to respond to this month's DMC challenge. I'm off to give it a try.

  17. Yes, we need to light those lanterns.

  18. What great images in your poem, Mary Lee. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  19. Thank you, Mary Lee, for naming my mood and a few prescriptive moves.

  20. This is a lift, Mary Lee.
    I also like how your personified your angst.
    A lovely post.
    I'm wondering if there a linkup place for the December daily haiku.

  21. What a wonderful haiku that works on several levels. My prediction is that by the end of December you will have worked your way entirely out of your funk.

  22. #haikuforhealing

    is the gathering mode - it was there all the time!

  23. Would it be easier for all those who want to participate to commit to one day. You could put a calendar here and then start a padlet like Today's Little Ditty uses for people to fill in with haiku on their assigned days?

    1. Or, set up 31 padlets, one for each day, and anyone and everyone can post a haiku on that day?

  24. Something to think about doing, a way to celebrate December in a unique way. It's time to light the lanterns!

  25. The moon is gorgeous - and the poetry too! :) Love how 'illuminating' this post is - filled with light.


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