Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Boy, Were We Wrong!

I've been using the dinosaur book in this series since 2008 (thank you, Amazon purchasing data for that factoid). It's my go-to book at the beginning of the year when we unpack our misconceptions about scientists (not always wild-haired men working in labs) and the work they do (scientific thinking changes over time as scientists use the/a scientific method to gather data and test theories). After reading this book to my class, I have always made the point that science isn't "finished," that there will be plenty of discoveries left for them when they grow up to be scientists!

Somehow I missed using the dinosaur book at the beginning of the year this year, but I tucked it in as a #classroombookaday. Because of the strong community around this hashtag on Twitter, I was alerted to the other books in the series. I borrowed them from the library, but they are now on my Wish List, awaiting the possibility of holiday gift cards. The solar system book and the human body book will align nicely to our 5th grade standards, and the weather book will be a nice review before our state tests! Win-win-win-win for science and the perfect books for my classroom library!


  1. These look wonderful. I want to read them, apart from wanting to share them with kids.

  2. I love her Boy, Were We Wrong books!


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