Monday, March 06, 2017

A Visit from Livbits!

Liv of Livbits was in Dublin, Ohio for the Dublin Literacy Conference last week. She stayed in Columbus for a few days and we were lucky enough to have her visit our classroom.  What a fun day we had!  My students were filled with joy when she entered the room. They could only scream and squeal and giggle the whole time she was in our classroom!  

First Liv talked to us a bit about her work and sharks and books and lots of things.

She brought us some treats--the new Fenway and Hattie book and Water Princess by Susan Verde!

We gave her some treats too. We know how much she loves Pop-Tarts so we each gave her a package of Pop-Tarts with a note attached. (along with some Pop-Tart earrings).

Before Liv left, we got to star in a Livbits video with her!

It was a great day. Liv continues to inspire my students with her videos, blog posts and more. I think her positive message and the combination of seriousness and fun that Liv brings to her work is empowering to other children. She lives the words "Kids Can Teach Us" and reminds us all of this important message every day.  

If you haven't kept up with Livbits, you can find her videos on her Vimeo Channel.
She has an incredible blog that you'll want to read regularly.
And of course, you'll want to follow her on social media (@thelivbits).

Many of my kids repeated these words throughout the week, "Meeting Livbits was the best day of my life!"

It was a great day!

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  1. Olivia is quite a remarkable young spokesperson for #StuVoice. I met you in person at NCTE 16 and she was a student moderator on NYEDChat recently ( She has also contributed to 2 of my poetry galleries.


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