Tuesday, May 02, 2017

3 New Nonfiction Books for the Classroom Library

I discovered 3 new nonfiction books that I am excited to share with my students.  

I love anything by Suzi Eszterhas so when I saw she had a new book I ordered it immediately.  Moto and Me: My Year as a Wildcat's Foster Mom is Suzi's newest book and this one is a bit different. It is a narrative with more text than many of her other books. The photos are amazing as always and this book tells the story of one wildcat-Moto-and how Suzi cared for him after he was separated from his mother.  It is a great book and a great addition for readers who know Eszterhas's work or for readers in the middle grades who are ready for a bit more text in their nonfiction reading.

125 Pet Rescues is new from National Geographic Kids and it is great fun.
Each page gives the short story of a pet that has been rescued. There are lots of dogs but also pigs, goats and snakes.   Each story is a paragraph long with details of one animal's rescue and new life.  The photos are happy and the Table of Contents will be a huge help to readers. There are so many possibilities with this book for minilessons in both reading and writing.

Shell, Beak, Tusk: Shared Traits and the Wonders of Adaptation by Bridget Heos shows the ways that animals around the world adapt in order to survive. The thing I love most about this book is the way that it is organized to compare the same adaptation on different animals.  The book will introduce readers to some animals they may not be familiar with.

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