Friday, September 07, 2018

A Good Problem

I'm on the Charlotte Huck Award (for Outstanding Fiction for Children) committee. This is what my basement book shelf looks like:

Several HUGE boxes have already been eliminated, weeded, and donated. Those boxes in front of the shelves and peeking from the bottom right corner are TBR. Total books received so far: +/- 300.

Then this happened yesterday:

I still need to catch up on reading through last week's roundup, but needless to say, I'll be reading books instead of Poetry Friday posts this weekend! Then next weekend is the annual Casting for Recovery Ohio retreat, so I'll be part of the team who pampers the 14 breast cancer survivors with an all expenses paid weekend wellness retreat...where they also learn fly fishing! I've written multiple posts labeled "Casting for Recovery," but this is my favorite.

See you in a couple of weeks! Happy Poetry! Happy Fridays!


  1. Have an amazing weekend!

  2. You're doing good and important work. See you when you emerge from your reading cave!

  3. This looks like big fun! Happy reading!

  4. Dear Huckster,

    Wallow, wade, enjoy! What a busy person you are--but I think you choose your rivers wisely. (And do I surmise that this year's crop may re*uire more fre*uent comfort breaks?)

  5. Wow. Congrats on being on that committee. Enjoy reading and your casting weekend.


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