Thursday, August 01, 2019

Classroom Resource: Wordless News (and metaphors found in art)

Wordless News. If you don't subscribe and use this resource in your classroom, now's the time to start. Creator Maria Fabrizio has been away for a few months, busy with a newborn and a toddler, but she's back with an image at least once a week.

The images she creates are perfect for "notice and wonder." I noticed that the shadow was actually hands, and I wondered about the lines, but I didn't notice one key thing about the lines until I read the related article. I hadn't heard about this interactive art installation, so when I read the article, I had a huge WOW! moment. I'm saving this one to share with my students even though it will be old news in a couple of weeks. I want to open their eyes/minds to art as a response to current and historical events.

Earlier this week, at the Columbus Museum of Art, I saw this installation and had another WOW! moment:

What looked like a huge barrel balanced on a rope took on layers of deep meaning when I read the explanation outside the room:

We study the indigenous people of the Americas, including the effects of colonialism. So this image will be a great starting point for those studies, and another example of the way art can help us to think about our world.


  1. I read about the teeter-totter, both fun and heartbreaking to see, but didn't know about "Wordless News", Mary Lee. Thanks for that, plus the other art. I imagine it touched you mightily! I remember reading once that those years ago, from St. Louis to Kansas City, there was only forest & when I travel back, along I-70, I think of that loss.

  2. Dear Mary Lee, Thank you for sharing that wonderful link to 'Wordless News' - I immediately subscribed.


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