Friday, May 08, 2020

Poetry Friday

I think
about next
year, I panic.
So much is unknown.
Am I up for the task?
Stop. Breathe. You are not alone.
Learn from others, share when you can.
Breathe. Embrace the possibilities.
Prepare for creativity and joy.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2020

Even though National Poetry Month is over, I haven't stopped looking for The Flipside. We're almost to the finish line of this crazy school year, but what lies ahead...well, I can't even go there. One step at a time. One directive from Central Office at a time.

Michelle has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Today's Little Ditty.


  1. How did you know? That's how I feel too. And, I'm considered "old" as far as pandemics go. Stop. Breathe. I am not alone. I am with pros like you. We will help each other. Thank you.

  2. Breathing is important, and so is optimism!

  3. For me, it's hard not to dwell on what this fall holds for my kids—a new freshman and junior in college. They are both hopeful, having been told by their schools that they are preparing for in-person classes, but I'm skeptical. I wish I had more confidence in the way this whole pandemic business was being handled. Sigh.

  4. I am hopeful that we all can help make it work, Mary Lee. I like that you're willing to "prepare for creativity and joy". Step by step, right? Have a nice weekend!

  5. I have to walk myself back from spinning out when I think about the fall and what school might look like. I appreciate that you are working hard to "prepare for creativity and joy." Breath. Sigh. Breath.

  6. Even though we can only go in one way...forward, who can even imagine what that will look like in 4 months, 12mos., 18months. I am praying for creativity and science and inspiration so we can get families and all in much better shape. Such a burden on all of us. Stay the course of joy! It has to help. Are you teaching again next year? When I was in Jr. High we had split sessions in gr. 7 and 8. I actually loved those and never felt deprived academically or socially. But who is to say what the answer will be. Prayers may help, too. My admiration to all working teachers.

  7. I allowed one day for panic based on a State DoE "working document" that envisions teaching PreK sitting at desks in masks 6 feet apart. Now I am letting that go, because teachers will not go along with that insanity for a multitude of reasons. Maybe I can be creative in my response by summer, but right now I'm focused on each day, each day, each day. Breathe.

  8. I am right there with you, Mary Lee.

  9. You are definitely not alone, Mary Lee. Inhaling and exhaling through the ever evolving changes/projections/predictions right along with you. :)

  10. Oh, Mary Lee, thank you for sharing your heart this way. I feel this same way with regards to my work/career, but I don't have children depending directly on my work like you do. Hang in there! As a planner, that one day, one moment at a time is hard for me with my work stuff. But it's literally all you can do at this point. You and other teachers are doing an amazing job!

  11. Breathe, just saying it helps, when the breath comes easily. Breathe is my olw this year…deep breathing helps, helps me to slow down and relax. I like your Flipside ending, rising and giving us hope, thanks Mary Lee!

  12. You summed up feelings from Long Island educators in your poem, Mary Lee. There is nervous tension in your poem but such positivity, too. I am sure your added line, "One directive from Central Office at a time," is in everyone's thoughts. I know that all my professional development programs were canceled until the end of school. No one knows what will happen next.


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