Thursday, August 13, 2020

Poetry Friday: Learning is a Lifelong Journey

Learning is a Lifelong Journey (a Pantoum)

Learning is a lifelong journey
that can only be mapped
in retrospect
and never with straight lines.

That which can only be mapped
by zigs and zags and sudden reversals
and never with straight lines
is as abstract as the summer sky, or

the zigs and zags and sudden reversals
of a monarch's flight
through an abstract summer sky.
Learning is a lifelong journey.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2020

Molly has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Nix the Comfort Zone.



  1. Learning is going to one amazing, zigzag journey this year, Mary Lee. Enjoy the end of the summer as you start another chapter of Quarantine Life Learning.

  2. A wonderful line--"and never in straight lines" So true! I do love a good pantoum and this is a good one.

  3. So true! Here's to a new school year of learning, whatever form that takes!

  4. Wow! What a great mentor poem you've created for this form! I've always been intimidated by pantoums, but you make it look effortless.

  5. Such a well done pantoum and a form well chosen for the subject, learning a life long journey. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Pantoums are so tricky! You've nailed this one, Mary Lee. I love the whole poem, but especially the truth of this line: "zigs and zags and sudden reversals."

  7. Lovely to see you comparing your journey this year to a butterfly, Mary Lee. What path it takes must be an adventure always, don't you think? Lovely pantoum!

  8. You made it! You got to Friday, and you're still writing poetry, so I'll consider that a good sign. Good luck, Cousin - thinking of you this year.

  9. What a perfect topic for this form! I love that I get to meld the image of a monarch's flight with a pantoum in my mind. And I really love the use of the word "retrospect" here--I notice it has the zig-zagging in its rhythm.

  10. Your pantoum is lovely. Best of luck through this year's learning and zigs and zags and reversals. Thinking of all my teacher friends facing this new school year.

  11. Mary Lee, you begin with such a strong opening stanza and launch from there. A powerful reflective reminder of how the learning journey unfolds. Pantoum perfection!

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed your Pantoum, Mary Lee. A great description of learning to roll with the zigs and zags and reversals of back to school..and life.

  13. What wonderful images to ponder–learning, monarch's and their abstractness, it's like remembering to balance your negative space in a composition… thanks Mary Lee!

  14. Gorgeous pantoum, and so fitting. I love how it fits both humanity AND nature. So much truth in here.


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