Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Tradition

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Paul Watson

How many times have Franki and I written about balance here? Too numerous to count, right? 

Well, we decided to LISTEN to ourselves and ACT upon what we heard.

We're taking a blog vacation this coming week -- our spring break. We took our first blog vacation last year at this time, and it seems like the kind of thing we'd like to do for ourselves on a yearly basis.

This week, we'll be 

spring cleaning
planning for summer

connecting with friends


planning for Poetry Month

See you next Friday for the Poetry Friday Roundup. Until then, Happy Spring! Happy Balancing!


  1. Enjoy your well deserved break!

  2. Enjoy your blog vacation. You ladies deserve a spring break.

  3. Enjoy the week! My blog vacation is going to be the first week in April. Well, I will front load my entries and hopefully the will appear.

  4. I have been on a blog vacation myself...for quite some time!

    I need to catch up on blog reading, too. How do you do it all, ladies?!

    Thanks for all the resources you share here.


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