Monday, March 07, 2011

I Love Words by Francoize Boucher

I Love Words

I had a chance to talk to our Usborne sales representative last week at the Dublin Literacy Conference. I hadn't kept up with all of the great things in their catalog so I asked for a new copy. I was excited to see I LOVE WORDS by Francoize Boucher. I am always looking for ways to help kids get excited about words and word learning so I was thrilled to take a look at this book.

This book is an activity book. The subtitle on the cover says: An activity book for writing, drawing, and having fun." It reminds me of the doodle books out there. It is larger in shape, filled with fun pages to add to.

There are a variety of things to do in this book. Each page invites the reader to do something different with words. One page is in the shape of a bulletin board and it is titled "A Little Group of Words that Make Your Eyes Water". There are a few samples and then you can fill in the other 12 spaces. There are other pages set up in similar ways (for words that make you laugh and others...) One page invites readers to learn to write in reverse. Another teaches you how to make "word confetti". There are pages for poetry, your thinking, different sayings, words with hidden meanings and more.

If I had a lot of money, I would buy one of these for every child in my class/school. This would do great things for kids. But since I don't have enough money for that, I am going to use this book as a resource. I can see building the pages together as a class. I can see so many of the pages being springboards for class discussions around words and writer's craft. It would be a fun book to work though together, as a class, for the year. I think these little invitations would change the ways kids talked about and thought about words and word learning.

So glad I discovered this book!


  1. and so glad you posted about it. Thanks for adding to my word collection basket.

  2. I want this book! Why is a book so new $45 on Amazon? Off to keep looks wonderful! A.

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  4. What a great resource. I can see using it to get Writer's Notebooks started at the beginning of the year. What a fun way to get those creative juices flowing.

  5. I've got to have it! Letting my reading specialist and literacy coach know about it - perhaps they can buy for us!

    To Be Bought, for sure.

  6. I bought this book a year ago at a Usborne/Discovery Toys home party. It is indeed a fun, wonderful word-source!

  7. A friend recently mentioned this book to me. I was disappointed our library doesn't have a copy. I guess I'll have to order my own.

  8. I am the Usborne Rep that Mrs. Sibberson was talking about talking to at the conference.
    If you would like the book you can go to the link below. Thank you, Kelley Haas Usborne Books


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