Friday, March 11, 2011

Poetry Friday -- Waiting For Spring

While We Wait for Spring
by Todd Davis
(shared in its entirety with the permission of the author)

The last three days snow has fallen.
No thaw this year, no day even above
twenty since the end of December.
Climbing the hill, my two boys slip, fall,
stand again. They complain, but there's nothing
to be done except to make it to the top
where above the trees we will look down
upon the river. Near the peak a barred owl
releases from the limb of a burr oak, sweeps
over our heads and out above the tree line.
Our eyes follow its flight to the river ice,
current moving beneath its blue surface.
Like the owl, our breath rises, drifts
toward something warmer, something better.

This is a hard time of year for people who are sick of winter and for teachers, and this year seems harder than usual. These lines speak to me right now: "...there's nothing/to be done except to make it to the top..." and "Like the owl, our breath rises, drifts/towards something warmer, something better."

Liz has the Poetry Friday roundup today at Liz in Ink.


  1. Beautiful. Just Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this one. Today is the last day before Spring Break for us, and we are struggling to the top. Good to remember our breath rises...

  2. This poem made me cry this morning-- so beautiful. Sometimes there really is nothing to do but make it top the top.

  3. Yes, Carol, yes.

    I wrote to the author of the poem to ask forgiveness/permission to post his whole poem, and he wrote this in his note back:

    "I'm very glad that you used my poem in this way, and I hope it offers some glimmer of hope for all of us as we wade through so much.

    And thanks, too, for the good work you do as a teacher. I've been stunned by the ways the "establishment" has been targeting teachers. What we need to do is offer more support and thanks for our teachers."

  4. Such hope contained in that final line. Thinking of you and all the other teachers going through tough times. Thanks for sharing this poignant poem.

  5. This is lovely. We have still have three full weeks until spring break. Torture. The students are restless and cranky, so is the staff.

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Lovely...especially those last two lines. I,too, am yearning for Spring.

  7. Mary Lee,

    Not springlike here yet. At least most of the grime-crusted snow is now gone.

    I've been surprised and disheartened at hearing derogatory remarks that some politicians and people have made about teachers and other public sector workrs in recent days.

  8. Mary Lee,

    I wrote that comment left by Mike. I was using my husband's computer.

    Elaine M.

  9. You are right - this is a very hard time for teachers right now. Hopefully, like the seasons, these hard times will pass.

  10. Lovely, lovely. I'm grateful to say that Punxatawney Phil seems to have been correct about our spring this year, and it's here. Not sure I would be getting through any other way. We have 5 weeks until spring break. I'm looking for every way possible to do school outside!

    Thanks, Mary Lee, and thanks, Todd.


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