Monday, May 28, 2007

8 Things Meme

We've been tagged for a meme! This one is the 8 Things Meme and it comes to us from Kelly at Big A little a. Here are the rules:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

This is just the time-waster I need when there are stacks of end-of-the-school-year paperwork calling to me from the kitchen table, so I'll go first:

1. My favorite colors in nature are the purple of a post-thunderstorm sky and the bright green of the freshly washed leaves against that purple sky.
2. My favorite landscape in nature is the flat, arid, emptiness of the western plains. That's where I grew up and it seems to have become a part of my psyche.
3. My favorite dessert is creme brulee.
4. My favorite exercise is swimming. I am addicted to the shock of the cold water and the smell of chlorine.
5. I love the art of Laurel Burch.
6. I own a polka-dotted purse.
7. I have a freckle on the palm of my left hand.
8. One of my favorite books as a child was Just Plain Maggie by Lorraine Beim. I still have the 1967 Scholastic edition of this book ($.35). Did anyone else ever read this?

1. I carry a flashlight when I stay in a hotel, in case the electricity goes out.
2. I have fallen off of a treadmill 3 times.
3. I have a film credit in "Light of Day" (I was a one-day tutor)
4. In college, my music ed professor made me promise, in front of the class, to never sing in front of children.
5. Every Sunday, in 5th or so grade, I'd go up to my grandmother's attic to pick out another Nancy Drew book for the week.
6. My favorite movie candy is DOTS.
7. My purse is ALWAYS a mess.
8. I drink hot tea all day, every day.

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  1. Yay! You guys found it before I even commented. One thing...I already tagged Susan and Chicken Spaghetti.

    I love your responses!! Mary Lee: Creme Brulee is my favorite too. Hmmm...And I love your favorite colors response.

    Franki: You should be careful around treadmills, and that college music teacher! Sheesh!!

  2. It was late. My eyes were crossing. Double tag has been corrected...I hope!

    Thanks for tagging us, Kelly! This was a fun one!

  3. very fun, random lists. thanks for the tag -- you're right, it is the perfect time waster (or perhaps refresher?) during this end of the year wrap up! :)

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Thanks. I got your tag and have done my due diligence :)

  5. Hi,
    I had done a similar one using seven which you can find here:
    It is a fun meme! Loved your lists.

  6. "My favorite landscape in nature is the flat, arid, emptiness of the western plains. That's where I grew up and it seems to have become a part of my psyche."

    Mine too. Have you read "The Solace of Open Spaces", by Gretel Ehrlich?

    She probably said what I'm going to say: somehow my mind feel freer and I can breathe and feel more relaxed when the landscape is open.

    I have begun to experience mountains as barriers.

    I love the drive between The Dalles Oregon and Spokane Washington because of the open spaces and the way my eye cannot often see the end of the horizon.

  7. Yes, Raymond, I love Gretel Ehrlich. Also Willa Cather, Wallace Stegner, and Ian Frazier (GREAT PLAINS).

    How about PLAIN SONGS by Kent Haruf? That could be my hometown, my home landscape, and the people I grew up with.


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