Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby Steps

Thank you everyone for your kind words and wishes for Bess. She's keeping food down and she still hasn't had any seizures. Neither the vet nor the online sources we used were exaggerating when they said to start her back on tiny amounts of food and increase what she's getting by tiny amounts very slowly.

I've been thinking about other things that work better when you take very tiny, very slow baby steps:
  • moving a child from habitual disruptive behaviors to more cooperative, socially acceptable behaviors
  • convincing a beginning reader to believe in himself
  • teaching 10 year-olds to make a bibliography, do long division, or use a protractor
  • teaching my mother to send an email attachment
  • losing weight after 40
  • adding weight to the machines after back surgery
  • learning to ask for help
  • learning to say no to one more committee

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