Monday, October 27, 2008


I read THE ZOEY ZONE: GEEK CHIC this week.  I think it will definitely be popular with middle grade girls (I am thinking grades 3-4ish).  Zoey is a great character and I love the concept of the book.  Zoey is worried about fitting into middle school and she has a year to go from "geek" to "chic".  The year is not easy and Zoey is not sure of herself.  But she finds that she has her own style that works and that being who she is matters most.  

A story that has been told before--kind of.  Girl finding out that who she is is better than trying to be something else. But this is really a fresh look at this phase of growing up for girls. First of all, the format of the book is fun. Filled with font changes, illustrations, and other breaks in the text.  This format seems to appeal to readers these days and it works well here.  Zoe is also a fresh character.  Likable and easy to relate to. 

There are also other fun little additions--a glossary at the end with "Chic ZO-cabulary".  Great fun words used in the story are included.  I must say that the cover is one that kids will gravitate to. I know I did. Bright and colorful with a character you know you will love right there in the center. 

I am hoping that this character will show up in more books.  A series, maybe? But I haven't seen any info on that. Either way, Zoe is a character that kids will love. Can't wait to give it to my 3rd grader and to get one for the school library. 

The book's site and the author's site are worth visits too!


  1. I thought this had real possibilities, but it is not flying off the bookshelf, even though I shared my review with my kids.

    I hope it catches on. I really like Zoey.

  2. My 8-year old daughter loved Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone. Can you recommend other books like this that she might enjoy?

  3. My daughter loved The Zoey Zone Geek Chic by Margie Palatini. She is a reluctant reader and has found comfort in reading this type of book. I have been looking for others like this and cannot find any. Any suggestions?


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