Thursday, October 16, 2008


I finally had a chance to read SAVVY by Ingrid Law and I LOVED it! Who hasn't loved it, really? Everyone I have talked to who has read the book has loved it. It is showing up on Mock Newbery lists everywhere. It is definitely one of my top 5 picks for the Newbery this year. At this point--since I am so late in reading it--it seems silly to tell you what it is about.  Many others have done that already.

This book received a starred award in Booklist, Kirkus, AND Publisher's Weekly--WOW!

First of all, I loved the whole concept of this book--that everyone has a savvy.  In Mibs' family, you get your savvy when you are 13 and she is getting ready for her 13th birthday.  A savvy is a special thing that you can do--helping define who you are.  Of course this is a growing up kind of story.  Mibs is struggling a bit with growing up while she is also worrying about her father, who has been in a car accident.

I love books where people are thrown together and good things happen. In Savvy, kids and adults are thrown together on a bus ride and the relationships grow as they are together on the bus.  We get to know each and every character well (which is huge for me as a reader) and I ended up seeing the good in each and every one.

I guess this would be considered a fantasy. The savvy definitely makes it that. But, it reads like realistic fiction.  It will definitely appeal to a wide range of audiences--boys and girls, a pretty wide age range.  I am thinking 4th or 5th grade is the youngest who would enjoy this book.  I'm hearing lots of teachers and librarians doing book talks around this one. I could definitely see that.

On an aside, I'll never be able to see a tattoo again without thinking of this book! 

In writing this review, I discovered Ingrid Law's blog and think I may become addicted. It is a good one!  (The title alone makes me happy!)

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  1. I didn't love it. I also don't think it will appeal to boys.

  2. Ok, I bought this for myself at the book fair. I'll weigh in after I read it. We usually agree about books, so I have a good feeling about Savvy.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    This was one of our read-alouds this summer and I swear, I developed this really dreamy twang reading it...

    Oh, and, BTW, one member of my bedtime group was my 10 year old nephew and it did indeed appeal to him. For SURE.


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