Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2 New Picture Books About Making a Difference in the World

I never pass up a book that is about ways people can make a difference in the world. I am building up quite a collection. I picked up two new ones this week at Cover to Cover.

WEEZER CHANGES THE WORLD by David McPhail is one that I fell in love with right away. The story is simple--Weezer is a regular dog and does all of the things that regular dogs do. Then one day something changes and Weezer changes. He starts helping out around the house, helping kids with their homework and more. As the days go on, his helping gets bigger and bigger. He helps the world avoid natural disasters and discovers ways to keep the air clean. But just as quickly as Weezer changed early in the book, he changes again and goes back to being a regular dog. The ending of the book is my favorite (I am going to give it away right here...) "Weezer had become a plain old dog again--an ordinary, fun loving, much-loved dog. But the people of the world? Because of Weezer, they were changed forever."

The other book is PAULIE PASTRAMI ACHIEVES WORLD PEACE by James Proimos. First of all, how could I not buy a book about a boy named Paulie Pastrami? What a great name! Paulie was a regular eight year old. Regular except that he achieved world peace. The book tells the story of how Paulie, a regular eight year old boy, did this. He did this by being kind and by doing things for others. This is a fun book--the illustrations make it a fun read and the message is a great one.

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