Thursday, January 21, 2010

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM by Eileen Spinelli

I bought HOW TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM without even looking past the cover. Once I saw that it was written by Eileen Spinelli, I knew it would be good. This is a unique "How To" book. It is not only a how to book but it is also a pop up book. This book starts out telling you how to clean your room. She knows that the closets is a mess and the books are piled high. But instead of the drudgery that usually comes with cleaning a room, Eileen Spinelli reminds us of all that we love in our rooms--all of the memories, all of the fun. She reminds us not to rush when we clean our rooms, but to slow down and enjoy the memories. My favorite line in the books says this about cleaning your room. "It's to feather-dust the corners of yourself slowly."

I love the poetic language in this book. It really makes me think about my expectations of a how-to book--such a nice surprise. It would be a great mentor text for kids. And, I so wish I had had this book when I did my book weeding last month. It would have made the task so much more enjoyable!


  1. I am totally intrigued. Must check this out--thanks!

  2. Will it work magic on wayword 8-year-olds? This sounds like a great one to start the conversation of sharing memories.

  3. This sounds delightful and I can think of so many uses. I could give it to my messy 7-yr-old daughter and use it in school when students do how-to writing. Thanks for the great review.


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