Friday, February 27, 2009

Poetry Friday -- No Words To Describe

There are no words to describe
what I failed to capture
in 119 photographs

The sky was so blue
The cactus were so surprising and alien
The art was such a contrast

It was 85 degrees and crystal clear on Ash Wednesday
The blooms and bees and hummingbirds were filled with exuberance,
not mourning

I needed sunscreen, a hat,
shade, and water;
the desert did not need me at all

The round up this week is at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books.


  1. What beautiful photos. Love the alien catus. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Beautiful. Might as well been another planet. I have never seen anything like these cacti.

  3. I love the last line, "The desert did not need me at all."

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you got your sun fix! I fear winter isn't over yet.

  4. I love the desert. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!!

  5. I love the beginning. Words and photographs: we all want to capture a special moments, but powerful as words and pictures may be, moments, in their full glory, can only be enjoyed in the present.

    Sounds like you did!

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I love the last line, too. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and photos.

  7. Anonymous4:09 PM

    The desert needed you to share your gorgeous photographs with us. But maybe it just didn't know it...

    Becky at Farm School

  8. Beautiful! What a fruitful trip! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and poetry with us.

  9. Anonymous8:14 PM


  10. 85 degrees, crystal clear AND exuberance? I could use all of that, right now! We used to live in New Mexico, and I sometimes miss the desert and its strange glory.

  11. Gorgeous! I, too, love your last line.

  12. You swept me away with your photographs and words.

  13. What a needed sight as I look at at the dirty snow banks in Maine!

  14. Anonymous10:48 AM

    "The desert did not need me at all."

    Great closing, Mary Lee. Sorry you came home to the cold and the wet.

  15. Oh, my gosh, Mary Lee, thanks for that blue sky. In the middle of one more gray Seattle day, that blue gave me goosebumps -- beautiful!

  16. Such reat photos....I am headed there on Thursday. Love the poems which accompany them.


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