Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't often focus on events or holidays when I choose books to share with the kids in the library. But I couldn't resist the new Amelia Bedelia book, AMELIA BEDELIA'S FIRST VALENTINE by Herman Parish. If you don't know these new "little" Amelia Bedelia books, they are quite a treat. . So far, there are two books in this new picture book series. (The first in the series is AMELIA BEDELIA'S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL that I learned about from Katie at Creative Literacy.)

I read this new book to our first and 2nd graders but I think the 3rd graders would also enjoy it. Amelia Bedelia is a little girl in this new book but she has the same issue with language and literal meanings as she does when she gets older. Amelia, as a child, is quite adorableWhat I like about these books is that they are so kid-friendly. The stories are school stories that the kids can relate to and the play on language is done in a way that young children can understand. In many of the instances, when Amelia misunderstands something that someone says, we see her thinking in a thinking bubble. A great invitation to conversations about the literal meaning vs. the intent of the language.

I think these books are a great bridge to the more difficult Amelia Bedelia books for transitional readers. I am looking forward to more to come out in this new series.


  1. oh...I gotta see this book. the playing on language caught my attention! thanks for the recommendation Franki!

  2. Excited to know that there is an easier Amelia Bedelia series!

  3. Just read this to my kids on Monday. They are drawn to little Bedelia. I also read the first in this series last week. I liked what you said about ti appealing to 3rd graders. My kids (2nd) as a whole were just ready to "get" her and the author's play on words and it is half way through the year.


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