Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dublin Literacy Conference Round-Up

The Dublin Literacy Conference was a huge success. The energy started with Friday night's dinner. The speakers and committee went out and had great conversations (as well as great desserts). It was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday's conference was energizing. My head is still spinning from all of the new thinking and inspiration. If you missed Monday's post, Mary Lee summarized the day for us. And in Tuesday's post, I shared my own plans for creating a Tech Playground for families like the one we had set up for teachers at the conference. So many of our blogger friends have posted about their experiences so I thought I'd round up some people's reflections about the conference. I think you will enjoy these whether you were able to attend the conference or not.

Tim Tyson was an amazing keynote speaker. I heard him 2 years ago at NCTE's Annual Convention in San Antonio and his talk inspired me to commit to moving forward in my own thinking. I think he did the same for the participants of the Dublin Literacy Conference this week. Dr. Tyson screencast his entire speech and has created a temporary page to share many of the resources that he discussed in his keynote and featured session.

Lisa at Two Learning Journeys was Tim Tyson's Dublin Host for the day. She reflects on all that she learned while spending the day with him.

Kevin Hodgson was another one of our wonderful speakers . He ran sessions for teachers and a very popular Stopmotion session for families. Many of his blog fans were VERY excited to meet him in person at the conference! Kevin posted several reflective posts about the conference--one about the family stopmotion session and one on the conference in general. He also shared his thinking around a conversation he had with Tim Tyson in "When a Whole School Blogs".

Cathy Mere, another presenter at the conference and author of MORE THAN GUIDED READING shared some thinking and resources about the session that she did with Deb Frazier on self-assessment and student ownership. She includes her Powerpoint presentation as well as other documents.

Julie at Raising Readers and Writers posted her initial thoughts on the conference as well as her thinking a few days later that has resulted in a blog curse as well as an energized feeling!

If you read Mandy's post at Enjoy and Embrace Learning before the conference, you know that she was very excited that she would be meeting Ann Marie Corgill, author of OF PRIMARY IMPORTANCE. She did get to meet Ann Marie and she shares her thoughts on both of Ann Marie's sessions.
Shelley from Two Learning Journeys posted about her thoughts on Ann Marie's sessions and book.

Katie at Creative Literacy shared her learning from Katie Van Sluys, author of WHAT IF AND WHY? LITERACY INVITATIONS FOR MULTILINGUAL CLASSROOMS.

And, in his post, " 'I Don't Do Tech.' Really?!?!", Tony at LearnMeSumthin' shares the highlights of the day which include sessions and informal conversations.

As you can see, the day was filled with friends and learning!

(**Top photo is of committee member Abby of AUTHENTIC LEARNING and speaker Ann Marie Corgill enjoying their Brownie Sundae at Mary Kelly's in Dublin on Friday evening. You may recognize Ann Marie from other appearances on our blog, her most popular last summer when she learned to play the Ocarina on the iPhone.)

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  1. It certainly was a day of exploring and learning...and fun.


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