Thursday, December 09, 2010

CRABBY PANTS by Julie Gassman

CRABBY PANTS by Julie Gassman makes me laugh out loud! I actually ordered the book because of the title. I didn't even open it up--just saw it online and knew I had to have it. I figured any author who would title a book CRABBY PANTS has to be great. And, I was not disappointed!

This is a story about Roger.  Who gets CRABBY. A LOT. Roger gets crabby about a lot of things--running out of his favorite food, not being able to go to the zoo, and missing his favorite TV shows.  Roger  often ends up in the naughty chair.  Finally Roger figures out how to stop being such a crabby pants... or does he?

I love this book. Roger makes me laugh. I am not sure how the illustrator gave such great facial expressions to this character but the illustrations work perfectly. I am hoping this author/illustrator team have lots more books in the line-up.

I love this book. I am pretty sure kids will love it too. My thinking is, "How can you not love this book?"


  1. Your review sold me--I'll look for it at the library--Thanks!

  2. I think I may soon reach the limit on my Amazon wish list. :)


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