Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TALES2GO Offer for Schools

Tales2Go is a great app for kids. It is full of hundreds of stories told by various artists and organized in a way to be accessible to kids. This month, Tales2Go is offering a school promotion in which schools can get a FREE subscription (for up to 5 mobile devices). This offer is good through January 15, 2011.  I am excited that I'll be able to offer this on 5 of our mobile devices in the library!  Kids are going to be thrilled! So will teachers.  The regular price for a subscription is $24.99 per year.  Still a good deal but I so appreciate Tales2Go's effort to reach out to schools with their promotion.  If you have not seen the original demo of the Tales2Go app, you can watch it below.

I have been looking at this app as a great way for kids to experience stories using mobile devices. But I now see that there are also huge implications for classroom teachers.  The ways in which the stories are organized make it a great tool for teachers looking for the perfect book, a book to go with a genre study, etc.

I had previously only thought about this as a way for individuals to enjoy stories. But I now see the possibilities of sharing this with a whole class using a speaker system. I can also see the power of this as a great listening type of activity for several kids using my new favorite tool, the Belkin Rock-Star 5 Way Headphones.

Tales2Go has won several awards and has gained in popularity quickly because of its quality. (You can read the info from Parents' Choice Awards here.)   The promotion they are running for schools is a great treat for everyone. Thank you Tales2Go!

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