Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Apple Pie ABCI picked up APPLE PIE ABC by Alison Murray today while I was out shopping. It is an adorable alphabet book and dog story combined.  In this story, a dog's owner makes an apple pie and he wants a taste.  The book is unique in that it is an alphabet book, but the pages go together to tell a story. Each of the pages focuses on one letter and a simple phrase to tell the story of how hard this dog works to get a taste of the pie.  For example the F page says, "find a crumb", H says, "have to get a lick of it" and N says, "not giving up".  That gives you a clue into the story.

I can see this as a great addition to my alphabet book collection as well as a great addition to my word play books. I think kids would have a lot of fun playing with words in ABC format, trying to create a connected story.  A fun, playful book.


  1. Great book. Check out Mark Pennington's New Alphabet Song. It avoids the l-m-n-o issue.

  2. I just saw this book yesterday when I was out picking up a birthday gift for my niece. I thought this would not only make a fun read aloud, but would be a great mentor text for writing an alphabet book with a bit of a story line.

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  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I think I need to get my niece this book, and it would be great for the ABC section of libraries.


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