Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May Mosaic

Fun month -- nut butter tasting, Orlando, a retirement, line drawings and nets in math, Race For the Cure, Time With Teacher, the requisite peonies and iris, retirement party, never-ending rain, camp, a baby opossum in our back yard, the best scallops I've ever eaten (Barcelona -- birthday celebration), Mulch-o-Rama in the land lab at school, a bridal shower, a wedding (unrelated to the earlier bridal shower), a towering TBR pile, and school out before the calendar page turned to June!


  1. What is a land lab?

  2. A land lab is a school garden, an outdoor learning space, a bit of green and beauty and peace at the edge of the screamingrunningwildchild playground. It's a place where parts of the science curriculum come to life, and where inner city kids can discover plants and insects and the joy of gardening.


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