Friday, August 05, 2011

Poetry Friday -- Joy

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A Dragon-Fly with beauteous wing
Is hov’ring o’er a silv’ry spring;
I watch its motions with delight,
Now dark its colours seem, now bright;
Chameleon-like appear, now blue,
Now red, and now of greenish hue.
Would it would come still nearer me,
That I its tints might better see

It hovers, flutters, resting ne’er!

But hush! it settles on the mead.
I have it safe now, I declare!

And when its form I closely view,

’Tis of a sad and dingy blue
Such, Joy-Dissector, is thy case indeed.

Live, love, and let it go...

Libby has the roundup today at A Year of Literacy Coaching.


  1. Very wise: letting go. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Great poem to share, Mary Lee - thank you.

  3. I'm having the strangest reaction to this poem --- I don't want that ending at all! I guess I am not in the letting go mood... would rather sit for a while with that joyful second line. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am in a season of letting go, moving toward all things new. (Or at least a new job at a new school...) Thanks for this lovely poem!

  5. "Joy-dissector" is a great word. I guess I'm with Irene; loved the first stanza in particular. He does such a lovely job of setting a joyful mood.

  6. )))((((((
    .[____].---{I like dragonflies very much, too}

  7. It all comes and goes so quickly...poems like this and walks in graveyards give me perspective...thank you, Mary Lee. A.


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