Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Souvenirs From Belgium

I brought you chocolates from Belgium!

Oops! I ate them all before we left Europe!

Oh, well, push back from your computer so you don't drool on the keyboard, and enjoy vicariously:

(Click on the mosaic and/or on each image to enlarge. You can also visit these pictures on Flickr.)


  1. I grew up in Brussels and your pictures brought back many found memories! Before we left to visit family in the states we always picked up some chocolat to bring them ~ YUMMY!

  2. Oh, yum! Belgium chocolates are my favorite :). Did you also eat french fries in a paper cone?

  3. Okay, a beautiful yet cruel post. And I'm drooling on my shirt, not my keyboard.

  4. Jennyfer -- I'm happy I gave you a "trip" back home!

    Jama -- they aren't FRENCH fries in Belgium, silly, they are frites! And yes, we ate our fill of their double-fried, dipped-in-mayo goodness! (More pictures -- food is the next theme -- to follow next week!)

    Tricia -- sorry about your shirt! (heh)

  5. One of my teaching friends brought me back a box of chocolates from Belgium once. They were the best chocolates I have ever eaten! I'm am drooling at the moment thinking about them.


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