Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Mosaic

I am continuing my Numbers and Letters Project for my version of Project 365 this year.

1st Row: 2 (2 hands, child reading 2 versions of CORALINE), 7 (Food for Thought at the Old Worthington Library), Food for Thought

2nd Row: 1/2 (Food for Thought--Macaroon), 11 (Tweet Peeps before the Reading Recovery Conference), G

3rd Row: 11,13, 57

4th Row: I, Hand of Buddha, 9

5th Row: 5, 4, B

6th Row: P, H, X

7th Row: S, M, J

8th Row: Snowdrops, 1 (first dandelion!), Pete the Cat

9th Row: Bottles, Plate and Cup, Playing for Change


  1. It's a great (& challenging) project, Mary Lee. Do you have a goal each day, or is it totally random with letters and numbers?

  2. This is my 4th year to do a modified 365 Projet. I have always tried to get 30 pictures a month, but this year I decided to try to find letters and numbers so that I can put together a couple of self-published books in iPhoto at the end of the year. I'm still taking pictures of events and other things that catch my eye along with ABC/123. Carrying a camera at all times has changed the way I look at the world, and now that I am on the lookout for letters and numbers, that has changed me again. FUN FUN!!

  3. Mary Lee,
    You know I always love the Mosaic posts. I'm very intrigued by your new perspective behind the camera. I'm sure it changes the way you look at everything. I always carry a camera...but need to get better at using it.

    Of course, my personal favorite photo is 2nd row 11. ;o)



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