Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pinterest for Professional Learning and Other Stuff

I am slowly becoming addicted to Pinterest. Again, I have to thank the young teachers at my school for getting me to pay attention to this tool.  I started playing around on Pinterest early and just got back to it. I love the visualness of it. I love the ways that I can pay attention to professional and personal links all at the same time. I love how easy it is to find great things and how easy it is to keep them organized. I like that I can save/pin great recipes to try. I love that I can follow companies Cheesecake Boutique and Team Sparkle. I've recently discovered that Pinterest is also good for professional thinking.  I love the ways different teachers I follow are using Pinterest to collect ideas, things to try, books for unit planning, etc. I have several boards and mine currently include Library Thinking, Literacy, Things I Want to Buy, In Case I Ever Get Crafty, Books, Fitness, Things That Make Me Laugh, Ideas I Like, Teaching, Technology Learning and more.  I am starting to pay attention to the ideas others have for boards and I am learning so much.  So many possibilities!  I thought I'd share some of my favorite boards that connect to teaching:


JILL FISCH Pattern Book Genre Study

KATIE KEIER Classroom Spaces to Live & Learn In

ANN MARIE CORGILL Books and Display Ideas

JULIE RAMSEY'S Learning Spaces and Ideas to Try in the Classroom




And, guess what? Kelly at The Book Butcher has started a new Friday tradition--sharing your favorite pins. Check it out and join in!


  1. ARGHHHHhhhhh!!!!!
    I'm feeling the pull!
    I might not be able to resist much longer........catch me before I fall in and drown!!!
    (Looks like a happy place to drown, though...)

    1. Mary Lee,
      Come on over to the dark side...but do it before you start writing poetry next month.


  2. I love these pin boards! Thanks for sharing! I need to go back and reorganize my school boards so they are more useful!

  3. Thanks for sharing that great collection of resources on Pinterest–I’ve got some new boards to follow now!

    I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and use it to organize all kinds of classroom management ideas (http://pinterest.com/angela_watson/)

    I do have some concerns about the copyright issues and that sort of thing that are starting to surface with Pinterest. You may want to check out this article by Laura Candler to see how some of us in education are using Pinterest in ways that we believe help with that:

  4. Oh my Mary Lee and I are in the same boat and I too am being so pulled. I appreciate the links to connect with some professional pins. and my daughter continues to send me amazing pictures of bookshelves and reading nooks. I still am trying to hold off until this summer perhaps a summer PD on the dock.

  5. Mary Lee, You should see all of the poetry boards on Pinterest. Maybe your April/Poetry Month fun:-)


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  7. Franki,
    I too am addicted to Pinterest. Having the ability to visually bookmark makes finding and organizing ideas much easier. I have to admit that it also makes me think about the pictures I'll be adding to my blog. For example, I'm collecting slices of writing, but so many people only use the SOLSC badge as a picture. I'm thrilled when someone uses a picture with their story that will allow me to make a visual pin.

    I love your board, "In Case I Ever Get Crafty." It makes me think I might start a board, "In Case I Ever Decide to Exercise." (Sorry about above delete, but I noticed a typing error.)


  8. Cathy, It seemed silly for me to start a board that was titled, "Crafts to Ty" when I doubt I'll ever do them. This seemed more honest and it makes me find way more to pin. And who knows, maybe I'll reinvent myself someday. I'll be all ready for that! Now that you mention it, maybe I'll try some other, "In case I ever..." boards!

  9. Be careful what you pin.

    I deleted all my pin boards and Pinterest account. So why did I delete all my boards? Simple: the Terms of Service (TOS) for Pinterest are set up in such a way that users are in danger of being sued by copyright owners of any images they may pin to their boards. Pinterest will not protect the users from this, so you're on your own if you get sued. You may even have to reimburse Pinterest for their expenses.

  10. ARGH!! I have been fighting this hard, but this post is hitting me HARD!! I am with Maria~ maybe summer PD! I do love the visual of Pinterest...hope my wallet and time can keep up, IF I do jump in!

  11. Franki, I am going to share this with one of our tech teachers who is interested in how teachers use Pinterest professionally. I love Pinterest and now I have more things to look at. Thanks!!

  12. I love that you shared such great boards - I followed them all! I pin learning and education ideas as well at http://pinterest.com/melissa_taylor2/




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