Friday, June 01, 2012

Poetry Friday -- Rain

Flickr Creative Commons photo by kicksave2930


It is finally raining.
After a long period
of unseasonable heat
unending dryness,
it is finally raining.

The relief
of the grass, the trees,
the native plants who are expected to survive
without extra watering
is nearly palpable.

Jack Black is helping Carol host the Poetry Friday roundup at Carol's Corner (and dug up back yard).


  1. The earth's so happy to finally have a drink. Nice poem, ML!

  2. I am so excited it is raining even on our first day of vacation. I have planted so many new flowers and vegetables and I've had to water everyday. This is a welcome relief.

  3. Nice poem.

    We had our first heavy rain this morning. It came down like a monsoon.

    It has just stopped. I love that silence just after a good rain.

  4. Lovely, refreshing poem and photo. Happy summer!

  5. Thanks for this long, cool drink, Mary Lee! We've just enjoyed a bit of much-needed rain the last day or so here as well. (The tomato plants are happy.)

  6. We've had rain galore...which ( as your poem so nicely captures) is a great relief for us all.

  7. I like the rain... especially when I don't have to go anywhere, just stay home with a cup of hot cocoa. I like the sound it makes when it splatters on the roof or hits the pavement. Nice picture to go with your beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing these! =)

  8. Lovely to hear about, Mary Lee, but no rain here, as usual. We had one good drippy day last week, & I would have loved the poem that day. Glad you're getting it. I like the idea of the plants' relief. That's how I talk to my plants sometimes.

  9. It finally rained here the other day and I always feel like I hear the earth sigh in delight a bit when it gets a needed drink from the rain. I love that, and I love this description of a long awaited rain.

  10. Yes, what relief overdue rain brings! Thank you, Mary Lee, for sharing your lovely words.

  11. So glad you got the rain you were needing!

  12. Nice job capturing a moment.

  13. First, not enough rain. Now too much here in NH. There is, however, never enough rain poems! Thanks for this one!



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