Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your Character's Playlist

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by rifqi dahlgren


I'm an ant.
My eyes are big,
my joints are orange,
my bite means business.

I have work to do.
You're in my way. 
I'm warning you --
my bite means business.

You better move.
I'm just one.
A hundred-hundred more
are following.

And we mean business.

Music this ant hums as he marches along (with his hundred-hundred comrades): March of the Defenders of Moscow, sung by the Red Army Choir.

And yet, after a day of marching, there's nothing this ant likes better than to kick back, relax, and tap into his creative side. He invites his friends to pose for portraits in his photo studio. Then he composes his own music and he posts his photo/music montages on YouTube, in the hopes that he will increase appreciation for the Formicidae family.

All business by day, all arts by night, this is one multi-faceted ant (and we're not just talking about his eyes, folks!!).

* * * * * * *

What on earth is this crazy post doing here? It's my response to the Tuesday Quick-Write for Teachers Write! Summer Writing Camp. I didn't really follow the rules very well. (What did you expect?!?) But I had fun getting into the head of this ant.


  1. Woah...who would have known that a teeny little ant has so many body parts? Whew!!

  2. Love the ant character and poem. They do seem to have that kind of an attitude don't they? That last song is hilarious...and informative!

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Love the poem. That's exactly the kind of sass and spunk I'd expect from an ant. :)


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