Monday, December 31, 2012

Coming Soon: January

A few years ago, I started a strand on my calendar to alert me to upcoming books. So, I technically have a book release calendar. I hate when I hear about a book weeks or months in advance and then forget about it.  So, this calendar reminds me of those books I am looking forward to.  I add books as I see them and I check the calendar every few weeks looking ahead to what is coming up.  Mr. Schu is far more efficient and organized than I am and  I check his public Book Release Calendar often.  Some of my students have also gotten into the habit of checking Mr. Schu's calendar for upcoming titles.

This year, I thought that every month, I'd share the titles I am most looking forward to in the coming month.  So, today, I thought I'd share the books I am excited about that are being released in January. Here they are!

January 1

Whatever After #2: If the Shoe Fits by Sarah Miynowski is the second in this Whatever After series. I love all things fairy tales-especially middle grade and YA versions of classic tales.  The first book in this series was popular with my 4th graders and I am excited that there is another coming out.  This is a present day story in which two kids somehow get transported to a story and have to solve a problem. This new one is centered around the Cinderella story.

January 2

Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson--I love anything by Kadir Nelson and am excited about this new picture book biography about Nelson Mandela.  I love adding picture book biographies to my collection and I love that Kadir Nelson has done this one! Can't wait to see it!

January 8
I am really excited about The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. I don't allow myself much time to read adult books as I spend so much time reading children's and YA books but I will definitely make time for this book. Tracy Chevalier is one of my very favorite adult authors and this book looks to be another good one. I love that it is set in Ohio too-an added bonus!

A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin is one I am interested in because I love this author and this illustrator.  Jen Bryant and Mellissa Sweet are two of my favorites so I can't wait to see them team up on this picture book biography.

January 20
There is one professional book I am looking forward to in January.  Bill Bass and his colleagues have written a book with ISTE called FROM INSPIRATION TO RED CARPET. The book shares the story of a district who hosts a film festival for students.  I am excited to read about the power of video production, the projects that are possible, and more. Definitely one I have been looking forward to that I think will impact my classroom!

January looks to be a great month for books!!

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  1. I just finished formatting the interview I did with Jen and Melissa for their book. I'm so in love with it. Best biography picture book I've seen in recent memory.


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