Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poetry Friday -- Sensing the Solstice

This is the poem I wrote for Diane Mayr for the Winter Poem Swap that Tabatha organized. (click to enlarge)  Tabatha prompted us to
Write a twelve-line poem in which the first word of each line starts with the same letter (e.g. all of your lines start with "A") and the last word of each line starts with the same letter (e.g. all lines end with words that begin with "B").
As you can see, I didn't manage to hit the prompt right on the nose!

Tonight I will celebrate the Solstice with close friends. We will eat Navajo stew and sage bread, and the Kachinas, who left at the Summer Solstice and took light and life with them, will come back bearing gifts and the promise of spring.

Our Solstice Poetry Friday Roundup Hostess is Heidi, at My Juicy Little Universe.

Speaking of Summer Solstice, we need to line up Poetry Friday roundup hosts for the first half of 2013! Leave your choice of Fridays in the comments -- I'll update the calendar on Saturday.

4    Matt at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme
11  Renee at No Water River
18  Violet at Violet Nesdoly / Poems
25  Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference

1    April at Teaching Authors
8    Tara at A Teaching Life
15  Linda at TeacherDance
22  Sheri at Sheri Doyle

1    Julie at The Drift Record
8    Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe
15  Jone at Check it Out
22  Greg at Gotta Book
29  Mary Lee at A Year of Reading

5    Robyn at Read, Write, Howl
12  Diane at Random Noodling
19  Irene at Live Your Poem...
26  Laura at Writing the World for Kids

3    Liz at Growing Wild
10  Anastasia at Booktalking
17  Ed at Think Kid, Think!
24  Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup
31  Betsy at Teaching Young Writers

7    Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference
14  Margaret at Reflections on the Teche
21  Carol at Carol's Corner
28  Amy at The Poem Farm


  1. What a tough challenge! You were able to pull off a nice poem too. Happy celebrating.
    For roundup dates I would love May 31st, it should be the second Chalk-a-bration of the new year!

  2. Lovely poem and photo, Mary Lee! Happy Winter Solstice. Enjoy the return of the Kachinas. Could I take April 5? (And thanks for coordinating the Roundup schedule.)

  3. Great job, Mary Lee! I'm sure Diane was happy to receive this. :-) I can host January 25th. Happy Winter Solstice!

  4. Mary Lee, I am completely enamored of that beginning: before I knew better. And the egg & the equinox... Love it!
    Please put me down for Roundup April 19. Thanks, as ever, for keeping us going!

  5. Mary Lee,
    I love so much about your poem, especially solstice, sun, soon. I've never hosted Poetry Friday before but I am happy to give it a try. Can I have May 3?

  6. Tabatha, I was VERY HAPPY to receive Mary Lee's awesome poem. I got it in two sizes! The smaller one will, I'm sure, become a favored bookmark!

    Could you put me down for April 12?

  7. Hi, Mary Lee. Thanks for sharing this poem. I have actually seen an egg balance, but at the vernal equinox. "Signifying symmetry on our spin through space" -- absolutely. That's what we're all looking for.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but balancing eggs depends more on the egg than the equinox. :-)

  8. Mary Lee, I enjoyed this poem and loved "our spin through space." Intriguing title, too.
    Although I have participated in Poetry Friday numerous times, I have never hosted. I'd love to give it a go on Feb. 22.

  9. I liked the thoughtful, personal nature of this poem...quiet & calming.
    As for Poetry Friday, I've never hosted before, but would be happy to; I'm not particular, either, so just let me know which Friday hasn't been claimed and I'll take it!

  10. Hi Mary Lee, thanks for doing the schedule. I would like Feb. 15th. Happy Solstice!

  11. Lovely poem! May 24th?

    Thanks so much for organizing the roundup schedule and Happy Solstice. Have a great holiday too!

  12. Thank you, Mary Lee, for this wonder-ful picture poem. You reinvented Tabatha's prompt perfectly to suit your thought, I think. Laura's comment sort of answers my question about the egg, but where does that balancing idea come from? I hope you enjoyed your Solstice celebration last night!

    It looks like March 8th is still free. This time I'll take the day off to host!

  13. Lovely...especially the way you closed. I'd love to host Feb. 8th?

  14. Could I have April 12, Mary Lee? Thanks for organizing. I missed out on Tabatha's poem swap, but it looks like it was amazing!

    Your poem is lovely. Before I knew better...what an awesome opening. Young poets would have fun with that prompt, wouldn't they?

  15. Laura didn't notice that April 12 was already taken, so she's agreed to take April 26.

  16. I love how you adapted the poem swap guidelines for your poem. Your poem goes beautifully with the candle image. Nice blend of resignation and longing!

    I'd be happy to host on January 18th.

    Violet N.

  17. I love how you worked you poem's line breaks. The image is beautiful, too.
    I am new to Poetry Friday. I will take any Friday in June.

  18. What a beautiful poem, Mary Lee! But it seems I missed the memos on the solstice theme AND on the Winter Poem Swap - how did I get so ill-informed? :)

    For hosting duties, I'll take January 11, if you please.

  19. Mary Lee, that photo of the holly w/ red berries is so beautiful!

    I'd love to host on March 1st over at The Drift Record.

  20. I'll host June 14, 21, or 28-- whatever you need.

  21. Mary Lee, as I mentioned last week, feel free to put me down for whichever Friday you need filled!

  22. Hi Mary Lee,
    Thanks for organizing the coming year! I'd like to host May 10 at Booktalking.

  23. Hi finally, Mary Lee! I commented here way before, but I must have missed the funny captcha. Way to take on the poem challenge. It's so well done that I didn't even realize the stanzas began with the same letters. Lovely. Those last lines are my favorite. I am only available for June 28 if it is still open! xo, a.

  24. Howdy, Mary Lee! Put me down for February 1st if it's still open.

    WONDERFUL prompt, moving poem. And I agree: I love "Signifying symmetry on our spin through space"--wow.

  25. Anonymous11:27 AM

    March 15? I can do.

  26. Anonymous11:28 AM

    BTW, I love the solstice poem. Lovely.

  27. I'll grab March 22nd if it's still open....

  28. Last spot goes to Ed DeCaria -- May 17.


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