Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Change of Plans

What I thought I'd be working on this year:

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School
by John Medina

How the Brain Learns
by David A. Sousa

What I'm actually working on this year:

Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades 3-5 (Volume II) (2nd Edition) (New 2013 Curriculum & Instruction Titles)
by John A. Van de Walle (and others)

About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource, 3rd Edition
by Marilyn Burns

Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction, Second Edition (0)
by Marian Small

Good Questions for Math Teaching: Why Ask Them and What to Ask, K-6
by Peter Sullivan and Pat Lilburn


  1. Oh I totally get it. I am sooo glad to be in the library where I can play in the ELA standards. Brain research sounds more appealing.

  2. If you haven't already read Math Exchanges or visit the blog, you would probably love it:

  3. Looks like you have some great mentors on this change of path. I am working with a small group on math, but most of my groups are ELA. I thought this was a good thing until I got the results of their pre-assessments. Lots of work to do!

  4. I'd love to know the back story! Did you end up un-departmentalizing? (Is that a word?)

  5. Sometimes it's okay when our plans change. I love three out of the four math resources! I've used them along my journey and you are on the right track for enriching your students through problem solving and thinking. Showing math thinking is essential for understanding what we do with numbers. I will have to check out Good Questions. Does it apply to primary?

  6. Mary Lee, I, too had to make a "math book" section to my library of professional books this year. The level of expertise required continues to increase. My favorite book I've read this summer--and probably has had the most profound impact on my understanding of how to observe students and plan for instruction-- is Number Sense by Shumway. I also really liked the books in the Math Recovery series.
    Here's to a higher level of expertise for all!

  7. I love this! You made me snort my coffee! Powerful author's craft --so few words yet we all connected with you. You may need some of those brain breaks to get through all your math research :)


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