Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Slice of Life

I went shopping on Saturday for winter shoes.  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but boots seem to have taken over the shoe departments in every store in the country this year.  I wanted to take a picture of the shoe department at Macy's on Saturday because, of the 500 pairs of "shoes" on display, 495 of them were boots.  Shoes were almost nowhere to be found.

I texted a few friends from the boot department sharing photos and asking what I could wear certain boots with.  I looked around at the shoppers in the store to see how they were wearing boots. Honestly, either anything goes OR a lot of people seem confused about how to wear boots this season.  I texted Ruth since she had on cute boots last time I saw her and I asked, "What kind of shoes does one wear this winter? Standing in the shoe department and all I see is boots." Ruth's reply: "Why would you wear shoes when you could wear BOOTS?"

Flickr Photo Boots on the Street by Darren Hall 
I am a seasoned shopper so I guess I should have picked up the clues from the display more quickly:  The trend is no shoes this season. Boots. Only boots.   There are ankle boots, high boots, REALLY high boots, mid-calf boots, rustic boots, dressy boots, flat boots, warm boots, camouflage boots, boots with zippers, tie-up boots, cowboy boots and more. I didn't know where to begin. If I had a $5000 winter shoe budget, I would have had no trouble getting started as there were LOTS of cute boots. But I don't have $5000 for boots so I have to really think about what kinds of boots I need.

I decided on a basic black pair of Nine West boots. I know Nine West isn't top fashion but they are usually cute enough and they fit me well.  Well, lucky for me, I have two daughters who keep me humble. They both told me that the boots were ugly, but neither could actually tell me why. They showed me boots they liked that looked EXACTLY the same as the ones I bought, but there was some subtle difference that I couldn't see.  So I need to begin again. The problem is that the boots I love do not necessarily work with the clothes I have.  It seems boots require a different type of wardrobe.

And, yes, it does because on Sole Society, I read this blurb: "Start your look from the -SHOES UP- and create a style all your own."  Really? I buy the shoes first? Then look for an outfit to match?

So I started to look at fashion blogs to see how this boot thing was going to work this season--especially for women in their 40s. And I became even more alarmed when I read this post--If I have to think this hard in order to go for an autumn walk, it is going to be a long long season!  But lucky for me, I found this helpful post about how nice boots are for "older women" because "you may not have the balance you once had in your disco days."  Well, another pleasant addition to my boot shopping experience.

I'll be taking a break from boot shopping for a few days, but I know I am on a timeline to figure this out so that I have the right shoes boots for the season.  On a positive note, thinking about new boots is a pretty fun way to spend my energy, I guess.

No point to this story at all, just a true slice of my life this week:-)

P.S. Last time I had a shoe dilemma, Patrick Allen was a big help (NOT). Wonder if he'll send me some shoe advice again this time!


  1. oh...I am on a boot hunt too....love them, love them...but all I seem to want are very, very expensive ones xo
    PS Very fun picture of all line up!

  2. They are everywhere - and they do seem to demand their own wardrobe. I realized I want the look of the boot at the bottom of my pants but not the whole boot. I found a great boot-shoe!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I was thinking about upgrading my boot wardrobe, but I don't think I can let it lead to a whole new look. I can so relate to the daughter who keeps you humble. Mine is quite good at it.

  4. I must be walking around with blinders on because I didn't know we were in a no-shoe zone. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be paying attention now though!

    Why did I read this slice? New boots = new pants. New pants = new tops. Oh, boy.

  5. Slice of life stories need not have a point. That's what makes them so much fun to write! Sometimes you just want to write about shoes (or boots) and that's okay! Boot shopping is fun so long as your feet are feeling good. (Hope your plantar fasciitis is all better.)

    I just got my daughter a pair of rain boots, which are pictured here: http://bit.ly/1bTNpD3. I think I overdid the pink. In my defense, I planned the outfit, put the boots on her, and then she wanted to wear her "blankie sweater," which, as you'll see, is also pink.

    Please share any great boot finds with me. I have bad feet and would like to branch out from my Naots.

  6. Oh Franki, this is making me smile. I totally get it. I am so glad you shared this slice with us. It is such a great example of a small moment.

  7. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I feel your slice of life! I would love it if it were the year of tennis shoes! Tennis shoes! And only tennis shoes!

  8. I had to laugh at the line about not having the balance you had in your disco days! That would be me!

    I actually have a degree in fashion merchandising and my first career was in retail management. This post makes me miss knowing what was in and actually owning it. Now I don't have a clue. Guess I need to go boot shopping!

  9. Isn't it nice how our daughters can keep us in our place? :) After reading your post, I guess I need to shop for boots. I don't have any!

  10. I had a good laugh at this, especially the part where your daughters were responding to your choice. Hard to win, sometimes, for sure.


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