Friday, June 27, 2014

Poetry Friday -- The Writer's Wish

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The Writer's Wish

Come, words.

Pour down like rain in the night,
with or without the thunder.

Sit on my shoulder like the wren on the fence.
Sing to me; sing through me.

Rise dependably, like sun behind clouds.
Glow with promise and purpose.

Follow me down the pine-scented forest path.
Follow me, or perhaps lead me. Better yet, walk with me.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

My theme for my poems this summer seems to be "Wishes." Two have been sent out to Summer Poem Swap recipients, another is ready, and I'll keep this one for myself, and for my fellow writers at the Choice Literacy Writing retreat.

Buffy has the Poetry Friday roundup this week at Buffy's Blog.

The Poetry Friday roundup schedule for July-December 2014 is complete! THANKS! I'll get the dates and links on the Yahoo calendar and the Kidlitosphere Central Website by the end of the week.


  1. I love this incantation, the four couplets, the perfect of idea of walking with words. This is how I want summer to be! Best wishes for yours.

  2. Hi Mary Lee,

    Okay, put me down for the December 12th date--Hopefully hosting on Tumblr won't be too confusing! It worked pretty well the first time I tried, I think ; )

    Hope your thumbs are healing. I enjoyed your pictures and musings on productivity, in general--but especially in the Summer!

    Someone needs to start a hashtag on Twitter, or make a post on Facebook--starting the movement (or would it be an anti-movement?) --#justbe or #donothing or #off : )

    Until such a movement or holiday is declared, I will remind myself of these phrases, and take deep breaths.

    1. Sorry, Lisa! December 12 is already taken! You want July 25?

  3. This is really lovely, Mary Lee. Hope this summer is happy, fruitful, and full of nice surprises.

  4. So pretty! Keep wishing!

  5. Lovely words and wishes, Mary Lee! Thanks for sharing. (This brought to mind Margaret's poem on my blog today, also having to do with finding words and poems...) Happy, Creative Summer!

  6. Love all those word similes, especially sitting and singing like a wren. Sometimes it's hard to know if we lead the words or the words lead us. (Walk with me is nice compromise!)

  7. The summer poem swap has me writing and wanting just the right words, too. I want to use this quiet summer time to be there on the path when the poem decides to come along.

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I like this poem. "Sit on my shoulder like the wren on the fence." Nice.

  9. Lovely poem, perfectly illustrated with that photograph. I have a secret desire to write poetry, but don't know where to start! You give me inspiration. Thank you!

  10. Just the poem I needed to hold close this writing summer. Thanks, Mary Lee!

  11. Mary Lee, I'm so glad you kept this one and yet decided to share it with us. As writers, we're all walking with you.

  12. Hope you have a productive summer of writing (and some fun sprinkled in)!

  13. Perfect--the core wish for writers! Of course we begin with words appearing as weather, birds and would be fun to write this one again and look for words to come from bus exhaust and rows of flags. May I write that one?

  14. Especially like the idea that poems sing not only to us but through us! I agree.

  15. I love the image of the wren-poet singing. Some have taken up residence after the bluebirds fledged. They are... enthusiastic, a fitting image for the poet. Also, I love the line: "with or without the thunder." Thanks for the reminder that sometimes words come quietly. Sometimes not. :)

  16. The wren is also my favorite of these images. It speaks to the way some poems sing on our shoulder and others fly away as soon as we try to catch them.

  17. A summer of wishes-- perfect. Some say that writing them down brings them one step closer to coming true. Maybe I should give it a try-- I have a few that could use a nudge.

  18. Thank you for writing a poem that I just copied and printed for my inspirational board. Part of my break and renewal in July. I'm so happy to be part of your CL writing retreats.

  19. Hello there Mary Lee. I loved reading this poem - brings in mind an invitation to the Muses, for words to just fly to your fingers. :)


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