Wednesday, September 03, 2014

August Mosaic

Row 1: These three photos exemplify our flyfishing trip to Vermont: the Orvis Outlet store, where I got my best "catches;"  the river where I probably would have caught a trophy trout...if it hadn't been for that thunderstorm; the Ben & Jerry's factory, where everyone goes on a rainy day in Vermont. We drove in, found a lucky parking spot, used the facilities, just about got nervous hives from the crowds, and left.

Row 2: Reading nook at Thistledown Inn, Thistledown hen, Lamoille River out the back door of Thistledown Inn,

Row 3: Thistledown Inn's namesake, just starting to bloom. Another beautiful VT river where I didn't catch fish.

Row 4: Signs of aquatic insect life (shell of stonefly nymph that started life as a water critter, then crawled out on this rock, completed metamorphosis, and now lives out of the was actually an aquatic entomology class at Stone Lab on Lake Erie that sparked my interest in flyfishing -- the lures we fish with are tied to imitate insects like this at various stages in their lives), same river, Snowflake Bentley museum.

Row 5: On our way home -- island hopping through Lake Champlain to get from VT to upstate NY; torrential rains on I-90 near Batavia, NY; in our room at the Historic B&B in Medina, NY.

Row 6: I had fun with a couple of photo apps this month. This one uses Color Cap to add text to photos. Reading nook, animal heads on table legs.

Row 7: Niagara Falls, secret shut-off valve for Niagara Falls (that's our story and we're sticking to it), Niagara Falls with Color Cap.

Row 8: Preying Mantis in the land lab, mantis with Color Cap, veggies at the Worthington Farmers' Market.

Row 9: This app is called Waterlogue. It turns your photo into a watercolor painting! Last two: even though it was a school night, and even though it was the night after the second day of the school year, and even though I had already spent from 4:00-8:00 at the Orvis store representing CFR for a flyfishing event, I couldn't say no to the opportunity to hear Throat Culture, a local A Capella group, at Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza. They were FABULOUS!!!

Row 10: Then the reality of the school year kicked in and I didn't take another photo (except in the classroom) from August 11-31!

You can see these photos on Flickr.

Almost every month, inquiring minds want to know: How do I make my mosaics?

First, I take thirty or more (and sometimes less) pictures every month.
Next, I make a set on Flickr.
Then, I go to Big Huge Labs and use their Mosaic Maker with the link to my Flickr photoset.
Finally, I download, save, insert, comment, and publish!


  1. Always lovely to see your mosaic, Mary Lee. I love that waterlogged app, & will check out Color Cap!

  2. Ooooh! and I love the idea of a secret shut off valve for Niagara Falls.

  3. I loved reading your blog! I'm a Vermonter, so it made it even more fun to read about your trip! Thanks for sharing your lovely mosaic, too.


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