Friday, September 05, 2014

Poetry Friday -- Wonder

Wonder Eye from Wikimedia Commons


5:30 in the morning
I'm walking along
in the dark neighborhood
my brain already full of the day ahead
not paying the kind of attention
that will keep me from
stumbling into a skunk
by accident
when I look up
and see a very large dog
in the park
that resolves into a fawn
whose sibling and mother are across the street
not quite hidden in the shadows of the front yard
and it's as if the plug was pulled
and my brain is empty of everything
except the here
and the now.

I continue walking slowly down the sidewalk
toward the fawn
who bobs its head
looking at me
assessing my threat level
until suddenly its tail flags and it
floats silently
across the street to its family
on impossibly thin legs and tiny feet
and I struggle to keep the wonder
hold the moment
stop the everyday thoughts from flooding back in
but the pure animal focus
is gone.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2014

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  1. Beautiful, Mary Lee! I am completely drawn into this moment with you. What a gift!

  2. Lovely moment. Had quite a few of those breathtaking stop in your tracks deer sightings myself. I always look upon them as blessings, split second gifts.

  3. Yes, yes, yes for wonder, and curiosity, and thought.

  4. Beautiful. I like "struggle to keep the wonder'.

  5. Oh, that moment. And to be present. And to recognize it so beautifully. Thank you!

  6. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Wonder is the perfect title. You really got me into the moment with the language in your poem. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Wow! I was right there with you, every step of the way, Mary Lee. "Wonder"ful! = )

  8. I love these quiet times when we can be in the moment. Thanks for sharing your encounter with the fawn, Mary Lee.

  9. I love the way this poem draws me along, Mary Lee, and reveals itself as you must have had the moment reveal itself to you.
    these lines are terrific (while hinting a hidden story...)
    "not paying the kind of attention
    that will keep me from
    stumbling into a skunk
    by accident"

  10. Love the transition from all the worldly cares to a moment of wonder. Just beautiful!

  11. That eye caught my attention. Then I went on that walk with you and saw the fawn. This is what I want to lead my students to do...Wonder.

  12. Beautiful, Mary Lee - love how you use the word "resolves"!

  13. I love the narrative aspect of this poem - made me see the world through your eyes in that singular moment as I read your words.

  14. Mary Lee, this is a poem that draws you to every word and the visual invites the reader in. The line that resonated with me is: "and it's as if the plug was pulled and my brain is empty of everything except the here and the now.

  15. You really do take us with you, Mary Lee! There's something very special about being totally in the moment. I had a similar experience last week when I was outside with our puppy at 5:30 a.m. A rabbit came running up, and behind it, a fox!

  16. What a gift on a morning walk -- thank you for sharing, Mary Lee! I had a dog resolve into a fox last week...not once, but twice! Scrawny, beautiful thing... just like the moment. xo

  17. Anonymous8:16 AM

    "...a very large dog that resolves into a fawn.." brings goosebumps, for the hint that the everyday view can become the splendid moment.

    Appreciations for your taking us on your walk.

    And, luv the way it prompts similar memories from Irene & Tabatha.

  18. Ah, the fleeting pleasure of wonder. You've captured it perfectly!

  19. Hey! I recognize that eye!
    Interesting how both of our accompanying poems described a similar (yet different) wonder-filled awakening.
    I was totally wrapped up in the telling of your story, Mary Lee. A breathtaking moment and a eye-opening poem.


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