Monday, January 12, 2015

Math Monday -- Google Comes to Math Class

I am joining Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for Math Monday.

I had been struggling with an authentic reason to introduce Google Presentation to my students. I needed a time when we would collaborate on a presentation rather than each student doing his/her own. And I needed a way for collaboration to happen without students revising each other's work.

When we were working on irregular volume in math, I found a way to use Google Preso! I created a slideshow with a page for each student and shared it to their Drives. I demonstrated how to use the drawing tools to make rectangular prisms. Their job was to first build two rectangular prisms using manipulatives, then combine them into one shape, and finally represent them and solve for volume on their slide. If they got finished early, they could add an additional slide and tell the three most important things about volume. For the sake of privacy, I have taken the students' names out.


  1. Thanks for joining Math Monday and I loved learning about how you set up Google Slides for your students to share their math thinking with irregular volumes. It was also organized well for students to work within this project to extend their thinking. You have my mind thinking.

  2. Wow can you class share that with my class and we can use it as a review document? Great idea.

  3. So great to see others looking for authentic ways to use Google docs too. Our district has just started with GAFE. It's a challenge to explore ways to use Google docs with only a computer lab, but I am giving it a try. It took my third grades a whole period to learn how to sign in - LOL. I'm thinking of doing some type of multiplication book and each student has one slide to write a story problem. Then I will figure out how to embed it in our class blog.


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