Friday, March 20, 2015

Poetry Friday -- Hatch



How does
the buzzing
sit still enough to hatch

the two
(not three)
(size of a pea)
eggs that are in her batch?

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2015

Happy Spring!

This poem is my fifteenth (!!) in Heidi's MarCH CHallenge. You can browse through all my CH poems here.

If you're curious, the list of emotion words for my Poetry Month 2015 project PO-EMotions is here. Formal unveiling ceremony will be next week.

Catherine is hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup this week at Reading to the Core.


  1. Hummers are so fascinating -- we've never been lucky enough to have any nesting in our yard, and your poem poses a good question :).

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Happy hummingbirds!

  3. Wow--15 poems this month--I am impressed! Love this one.

  4. Nice job with hatch! We don't get many hummingbirds around here, but some, and they are fascinating!

  5. Good question, Mary Lee. I guess they take turns? Fun to contemplate.

  6. Great poem, Mary Lee! Hummingbirds are my favorite! We had a mama hummingbird set up her nest in a Palo Verde tree in our backyard only to have a spring storm knock it out of the tree. So sad!

  7. I visited a hummingbird aviary once! They'd zip and dash about, but sometimes just hover in front of your face to check you out. It was amazing. Thanks for including the link to all the emotion words for April. I've printed it out with high hopes of joining when I can.

  8. I especially like the rhythm of this poem, Mary Lee! The photo is exquisite. Can you imagine how tiny just hatched hummers must be?!

  9. I was just looking outside today and wondering when the hummingbirds would arrive. Time to get the feeder ready. I enjoyed your poem. It is hard to imagine the hummingbird ever sitting still!


  10. Always love the combination of poetry and photographs. :) This one is a keeper. Thanks for sharing this Mary Lee! :)

  11. I LOVE this, Mary Lee! Awesome!

    Great job on your other MarCH CHallenge poems, too. I especially love Inch.


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