Thursday, July 02, 2015

Mock Newbery Club

We are starting a Mock Newbery Club at our school this year.  We have a meeting coming up to introduce books and think about those we'd like to read. I've been working on a Padlet to collect trailers and blurbs on many of the books on our list.  I am hoping it is a resource that helps members choose great books!  Looking forward to our first meeting later this month!


  1. This is something I'd like to do with kids in the next school year. Thank you for sharing your resources. Are you meeting with kids this summer or teachers?

    1. We have one summer meeting with kids but most of the meetings will be this fall/winter.

  2. How kind of you to share your padlet! What age group is your mock Newberry club geared for?

  3. May I link to your padlet as a resource for my students?

  4. Thank you! With full credit of course- a mini lesson on citing sources!


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