Monday, January 18, 2016

Be A Friend by Salina Yoon

I so love Salina Yoon's new book Be a Friend.  I am a big fan of Salina Yoon--I love her Penguin books.  I love anything I've ever seen that she's written and illustrated. I am excited about her upcoming Duck, Duck Porcupine book that is coming out this spring. What a great new series for young readers.

But my favorite Salina Yoon book is her new picture book called BE A FRIEND.  The book seems absolutely perfect to me. It is a simple book with a powerful message. There is so much to think and talk about. I read the book to my 3rd graders early this week and we could have talked for hours. It is a book that has already been revisited several times as readers notice new details in the text and have new thoughts about what it means to be kind, to be a friend.  It is the first MUST-OWN of 2016, I think:-)

The book trailer was premiered on Mr. Schu's blog along with a letter from Salina Yoon.

And Salina Yoon wrote a post on The Nerdy Book Club blog last week titled What It Means to Be a Friend.

I followed lots of posts and photos of some of the book release parties and celebrations for this book and love every image I saw. The book makes me feel lots of joy.  And there are some great prints and things over at Salina Yoon's blog. I am thinking I may need one as a treat when I finally clean up my office.

Just love this book!


  1. I just read this wonderful book this week, too, lucky to find it at my library. I am waiting to share it with my grandchildren this week. I'm so glad to hear about your time with it and your students. I imagined it would be a wonder of a book to help talk about friendship. Thanks, Franki!

  2. I just read about this book on Colby's Nerdy Book Club post this morning. Sounds like I need to take a trip to the bookstore!


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