Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Hard Work of Real Human Beings

For the next half of National Poetry Month 2017, 
Malvina will Sing It, and I'll write a poem in response.

Through her music, Malvina addressed issues of diversity and collaboration, as well as economic and labor issues.

The Hard Work of Real Human Beings

Where do cherries come from?
They come from a tree!
And who picks them one by one?
Neither you, nor me.

Where does asparagus come from?
It grows in a field!
And who stoops down to cut each stalk?
Neither you, nor me.

Where do apples come from?
They grow on a tree!
And which strong worker fills buckets all day?
Neither you, nor me.

Where do peppers come from?
On bushes, low and green!
And who must pick each single one?
Neither you, nor me.

How much money do they make?
Do they have the things they need?
Who values their important work?
Neither you, nor me.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017


  1. That last stanza is powerful, Mary Lee. Spending the whole month with Malvina, you've been digging deep into her story.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    WOW!! Your poem touches my heart and opens the conversations we should be having. Can't wait for our dock time.

  3. This is one that really makes you think. I also read your riddle poem. We've been experimenting with these, so I will share with my kids. Thanks for the comment on Andrew's blog. He was impressed with your poem.


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