Friday, September 15, 2017

Poetry Friday--Bike Ride Blessing 3.0--A Counting Out Rhyme

Bike Ride Blessing--A Counting Out Rhyme

One for the moon
in the morning sky,
two deer watching
as I ride by.

Three steep hills
to make me work,
paired with coasting--
that's the perk!

Four herds of runners
clog the path.
Ring my bell,
pedal past.

Three ponds total--
rising mists.
Two geese honking--
they insist:

One is presence,
patience, too.
Eyes and ears,
one is you.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017

Three Saturday morning bike rides three weeks in a row--that's a celebration even without three Bike Ride Blessing poems in a row! 

No bike ride this weekend. I'll be spending the weekend at the Ohio Casting for Recovery retreat, enjoying the company of 14 breast cancer survivors and a fabulous retreat team. I'm (new this year) Ohio's CfR co-coordinator as well as continuing in my role as knot-tying and fly fishing instructor.

Michelle has the roundup this week at Today's Little Ditty.


  1. Mary Lee, I love the rhythm in your poem! It could be used as a jump-rope rhyme.

  2. Of course the geese insist! Sounds like good times, Mary Lee (thank goodness for a bit of coasting here and there). Enjoy your fishing weekend.

  3. Have an amazing retreat! :)

  4. Love love your poem, Mary Lee! I could just hear that bike bell :). Enjoy your retreat this weekend.

  5. You're getting quite the poetic workout from these bike rides, Mary Lee! It's wonderful to witness, even from afar. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I think I'd probably have to stop counting at four, too. #mykindofcounting Hmmm... So I guess we're angling for a fishing poem on the fly next week? ;)

  7. Wonderful and joyful Mary Lee. I can just hear you coasting down and writing some of the words as you glide. I hope you have a find weekend this coming one, too.

  8. I love this counting up and down while riding. Such fun!

  9. I love this, Mary Lee! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Love this poem. Hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with hope and joy.

  11. Beautiful, rhythmic, and fun poem Mary Lee, thanks!

  12. Love these bonanzas from bike riding. In this one, the number scheme made me think you were going up a hill, then back down. Think I am going to use this to talk about text structure with some third and fourth graders this week, if that's ok! So fun but also so beautifully crafted! Thank you!

  13. Oh, my goodness.... I love this rhyme poem. Your bike rides are super productive! I happen to love the honking geese the best. I would love to see you submit this somewhere beyond your blog.

  14. Fun poem, Mary Lee. Yes a reminder for "presence and patience" is much appreciated. =)

  15. I've been so involved lately, that I've missed lots and lots of posts! Now I have to go back and capture your previous bike posts. This one has such a nice rhythm and rhyme to it and I can almost feel the pedals and the wind in my face. Nice!


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