Saturday, September 02, 2017

Things I've Read Lately

In the first few weeks of school, I have much less time for my own reading than usual. I am sure that's true for many of us.  But I have read some very powerful things that I thought were worth sharing.  Hopefully you'll find something that makes you think about something in a new way:-)

Not This But That: No More Telling as Teaching-This is a great podcast with Cris Tovani connected her new book from Heinemann, No More Telling as Teaching.

NCTE Annual Convention Updates--Coming up sooner than we think!

Silence is Not Always Golden--Another great post by Lynsey Burkins on the newish Classroom Communities blog.

What Are Your Superpowers--From the same amazing blog, Andrea Smith shares some powerful thoughts on beginning of the year conversations

Learn Their Names. Learn Their Stories And one more amazing post from that same blog by Aliza Werner

7 Reflections to Quiet the Ghosts of Grading's Past by Sarah J. Donovan is an article to help you rethink grading at any level.

Proctor and Gamble's New Anti-Racism Ad is Roiling White America --I had not seen this ad until recently and I am glad I finally watched it and read the conversations around it.

My Favorite Reads of 2017 from Pernille Ripp is a great one to add books to your TBR stack (even though you don't have time to read all of these right now--it is a great list!)

Voices from the Middle Episode 22 with Donalyn Miller-Another great podcast from Voices in the Middle. There is always something new to learn from Donalyn Miller.

And School Begins by Kylene Beers gives us important things to think about as we start a new school year.

Which Childhood Experiences are "Appropriate"? and Says Who? by Christina Berchini on the NCTE blogs shares important thoughts on who decides what is appropriate for students to read.

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate  Themselves on Race and Racism--From Ferguson to Charleston--This one will take months to read through but there is so much here and much of it seems extremely important.

And this Ted Talk by Verna Myers, How to Overcome Our Biases: Walk Boldly to Them-- although it is not new, is new to me. A must-watch.

Happy Reading!

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  1. I love these posts! I come back and read/listen to them one at a time. Thanks!


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