Monday, June 04, 2018

Reading More Nonfiction

I love the extra time I have in the summer to read.  I already have quite a stack of books ready to go for the summer as I use summer to catch up a bit. I love fiction and I tend to read mostly middle grade fiction in the summer. But when talking to colleagues about nonfiction in our classrooms, I realized that I don't read as much middle grade nonfiction as I could.  I tend to read a lot of short nonfiction--lots of picture books and shorter nonfiction- but if I want my students to know and love nonfiction that has more depth I know I need to commit to reading and book talking more titles. So I have been keeping track of books that I hope to read this summer--nonfiction that is a big longer than my usual picture book nonfiction reading that I enjoy (although I have included a few picture books here.). Here they are:

Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

Snowy Owl Invasion! by Sandra Markle

Magic Trash by J.h. Shapiro

The People Shall Continue by Simon Ortiz

The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson

Otis and Will Discover the Deep by Barb Rosenstock and Katherine Roy


  1. Reserve list complete thanks for sharing.

  2. This list is perfectly timed as I’m transitioning to a middle grades children’s lit class in the fall. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for this list. I write nonfiction for middle-grade readers, and I'm always looking for good nonfiction to read and be inspired by. :)

  4. Great list! I shared Strongheart with a 5th Grader and she loved it! I can’t wait to read some of these myself!

  5. Anonymous8:51 PM

    These are some wonderful picture books that I would love to incorporate into my Classroom Book a Day time! Thanks so much!

  6. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Such a great number of interesting books! I will shsare it in QandA hope many other students can get help by it.


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